Documents to start a Micro-Nation


The road to secession, after you have thoroughly studied the basics of common, customary, tribal, natural and international law, have familiarized yourself with the fictitious weapons and ambiguous mechanisms of the opponent, i.e. statutes, by-laws, charters, constitutions and other legalese wizardry, are ready to present your declaration, claim and case to a jury or court, confident to decree your own court of record, are capable of drafting bills, stand in your sovereign truth without fear or favour under penalty of perjury, trained in diplomacy, mediation and non-violent communication and are a servant of the people and the earth. Seek remedy, not retaliation.

The process and documents described here are in collaboration with New Earth Nation. If you have ulterior motives, seek confrontation and segregation, racial or political, then this is not for you or your tribe. This is about creating a blueprint for the world, a nation building example, empowering all people, respecting all their freedom and customs.

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This is the story :


In essence, you make a declaration and give your reasons for secession. If the land parcel falls into a territory of colonial conquest like northern, southern America or Africa, learn about the history, find out who the descendants of the original custodians are, if they still embody or make claim to authority ? Was there any forceful removal in the past ? Have they lost their freedom and rights like other ‘citizens’ ? Have they been subdued, told lies or made empty promises ? Is there a sense of animosity ? Do they seek remedy or retaliation ? If any of these questions answers with ‘yes’, seek to make friends with the tribe, chief, shaman or headman and explain in detail the concept of land repatriation, the return of the people as equal custodians. If necessary, form a pact and autograph treaties. Next make some private notices for your gate, fence or the local community board, informing the public and neighbourhood about your intentions. Same or similar notice needs to be published in a local or community newspaper for 2-4 weeks, additionally try placing it into the government gazette too. The print notice will include your email address and the address of a neutral venue (pub, club, cafe) where interested or opposing parties can obtain more detailed information (like an A4 page) and a date/time and venue (if different from place of information) on which a jury will commence to deliberate on the matter. Such date should be 2 weeks after last published print notice. You now have ca. 6 weeks to prepare, deal with or be alarmed to any objections and populate a jury of 25 (common law grand jury) or 12 (petty jury). Ask people in your neighbourhood and tribal customary community, not only friends, neutral or those you have not met. Jury duty is something we need to learn and return to the people, being part of the decision making process, this is how almost forgotten customs and traditions are rediscovered. If all fails, a jury of talesmen can be established adhoc. On the day of presentment, take your time and allow time for any or all objections. The jury will then make a decision in private. If the decision is in your favour, receive it in writing and autographed by its members. If the land parcel in question was ‘yours’, i.e. paid off or inherited and title deed issued to your legal name, there should be little or no major resistance or even interest from any other or 3rd parties. This could be very different if some unlawful government lays claim to the land parcel and/or is subject to a tribal dispute or involves major corporate interests, in which case more time could be allocated or if the jury unanimously grants your wish, in favour of the people and the earth, but any government or corporation does not approve of such decision, legal battles at their maritime courts could ensue or other forms of confrontation, for which you will be trained like a jedi flying into the death star. If the jury grants your wish, adjudicated objections or none at all, you have a perfected claim and can proceed with cancellation of land registration, i.e. inform the registrar of deeds to facilitate the cancellation of land registration, erase the title and deeds entry, nullify any value associated with it. At this point you might not encounter resistance, but plain ignorance. Send your certified (and if necessary notarized) copies of all documents via courier. Check on same day or thereafter if delivered, make an appointment at the deeds office if there is any lack of comprehension, offer to assist with the cancellation of land registration. Regardless of the outcome and/or how long this could take, send another 4 sets of certified copies of your perfected claim to the office of the president, foreign affairs and international relations, defense and transport. Should the deeds office confirm the cancellation of land registration in time, include with documents. Should you not have an answer or any communication with the deeds office, make the presidency and the other offices aware of it, i.e. you have effectively shown due diligence and process, now it is their turn to respond accordingly. Remember in all communication, email, letter or phone, to act diplomatic and humble, not arrogant or boisterous, invite any relevant agents to the new territories, offer a friendly dialogue. If you receive any threats, physical or legal, suggest to meet in court or facilitate an impartial tribunal. If you have fostered and established a good relationship or strong bond with any tribal authorities, this would be a good time to get them involved, possibly for them to start their own land repatriation too. For the liberated land parcel in question, we suggest to create a common law trust, non-registered or subject to any statutes, collaborating with the tribal authority, arrange for a 99 year ‘lease’ agreement, a concord or similar (with possible option of renewal) and place such agreement into the trust. The agreement clearly stipulates that no-one owns any land and no money is to exchange hands for occupation. It only serves to lawfully acknowledge all people involved, their honest intentions, the return of land to the earth and its use in accordance to the laws of nature, by doing no harm or causing any loss.


And this the step by step guide :


  1. Establish contact and make friends with any local tribal authority, explain your intention, the desired outcome and possible involvement of any original people. Propose an agreement, concord or treaty, recognizing all parties involved. Exchange knowledge, empower each other
  2. Autograph & ratify the New Earth Nation Treaty if it resonates with your philosophy and world view
  3. Make your Declaration and Claim of Right, autograph, witnessed and/or notarized, serve (ideally hand delivery) true copies on (local) Deeds Office and Master of High Court (or relevant department of judiciary dealing with estates, trusts and commerce)
  4. Print Public Notice for land parcel in question and place on gate, fence, local community board at town square or shopping centre
  5. Run same notice in local print media for 2-4 weeks
  6. Place same notice in government gazette or similar government publication for the corporate country you are seceding from
  7. Create notice of Information for your public venue of choice and make copies of your trust declaration and claim of right for interested parties
  8. Populate a jury with people of the neighbourhood, elders or people who showed interest in your repatriation, a very important exercise for the future of your nation
  9. On the day of presentment, ask the jury to appoint an adjudicator/facilitator who will announce the outcome after jury deliberation
  10. Present your case to the jury, i.e. the reasons why you doing it, your intentions, etc
  11. Let the jury ask for any objections
  12. Jury deliberates in private and will return with a verdict
  13. If the verdict is in your favour, obtain written confirmation, autographed by jury members
  14. Serve Notice of Cancellation of Land Registration on senior or chief registrar at Deeds Office (hand delivery or recorded mail/courier)
  15. Finally serve (per courier) Record of Establishment of Sovereign Lands and copies of all the above documentation on key offices of the previous parent state, i.e. Presidency, Department of Foreign Affairs, Transport and Defence
  16. Establish a common law trust or similar entity, arrange for an agreement with original and ancestral custodians, place into trust, appoint guardians of the trust
  17. Optionally, circulate another notice in the local or community newspaper, informing the public about the newly established territory
  18. Next work on recognition and look into all things post declaration, always be creative and original, apply out-of-the-box thinking, but avoid being too outlandish or abstract, i.e. don’t necessarily issue triangular purple passports with unicorns, this is a transition phase, it’s about the content, not the form, make it accessible


Examples of complete and served documents :


Declaration (Jan Lohfeldt) & Claim of Right (Autarky Eleven)

Public Notice (for gate, fence, town hall, gazette)

Notice of Information (Public Venue)

Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa – verdict (autographed)

Notice of Cancellation of Land Registration (autographed)

Record of Establishment of Sovereign Lands (autographed & notarized)