Pedro Portal Potentiality


Throughout history until today, we hear a lot about portals, hidden passages, gateways, doors of perception or into other dimensions. Unfortunately the knowledge or mechanisms to access or enter these portals has seemingly all but disappeared or taken away from the common people.

There is a possibility that we are not designed or meant to leave this place earth altogether or too easily, plant medicines like ayahuasca or huachuma are the closest we have to enter other or parallel worlds for a few hours after a certain amount of sacrifice, albeit thus far only for private and spiritual healing it seems, inside our head or out of our minds.

What if we could summon an army of sonic soldiers and wizard warriors to open an actual physical and/or metaphysical portal ? Setting aside our private healing and experiences, only to focalize all frequencies into one point during a ritualistic seance, like the native tribes and nations apparently did in the past :

It is unclear why the Anasazi people had nothing better to do than summon monsters, demons and other crazy creatures, maybe they were possessed or instructed by these otherworldly forces in the first place to create a doorway for these devious energies to enter earth… at the same time, it must be possible to open and access a portal on the other side of the spectrum, with love, benevolence and curiosity; the mechanism or keys cannot be every different, only the intend.

The plan is to congregate on a specific day, a solstice, equinox, full moon or energetically prominent day, at a remote location removed from artificial frequency interference, then consult the holy spirit of huachuma for assistance, protection and guidance, and dance, guy dance, girl dance, not in a random fashion but with specific synchronized movements, accompanied by chants, incantations, singing, shouting, growling, humming, speaking in tongue and a range of amplifying instruments, bodies painted with sigils.

Something to the tone of the series “the OA”, where a group of people trapped inside a reality had to come together and practice a sequence of movement and sound :

It seems some people took the OA and its inspiration to heart and to the heart of CERN, it is not exactly clear what the intended outcome of the exercise was, to shut down or sabotage CERN, but maybe on that very day a bolt came loose or CPU malfunctioned :

Read more in this reddit article.

One can see the people in the outer circle performing a synchronized movement, moving inwards at the same time. It is still to be explored what the best and most powerful approach to open a pedro portal would be. In the near future, portal people will find each other, practice, coach, choreograph and work on a  portal sequence.

When the day comes, and should the collective effort wear the fabric of reality thin, crack the maya matrix temporarily, start electrifying the ether and open a portal passage into another realm, a specific number of portal patrons will be appointed beforehand to actually approach and enter the portal. Whatever the risk, this is not an exercise for fun, scientific data collection or to take pretty pictures, the sole intend is to possibly seek and find someone on the other side, who can perhaps entrust us with the missing information to restore peace on earth, most likely in the shapeless form of sound itself, since the world is sound and we are sound creators.

The very  disembodied thing that was taken away from us, our sound aka voice, the only thing we ever truly own, most evidently by imposing and enforcing the legal system all over the world, rendering people mute, unable and incapable to speak for themselves, making them subjects to attorneys who only swear allegiance to a state and deity, not god… remember “legal is the undoing of god’s law”

Should the portal encounter not yield and information, or inform us that we are in fact on our own, voluntary or imprisoned, then so be it, at least we would have some form of affirmation and one memorable ritualistic dance gatheration.

It is potentially possible to open your own portal, maybe death itself is not the portal or exit we must wait for, but rather make a strong enough effort in our lifetime to open a doorway an leave, if you have no desire to return to earth that is. If you think earth is heaven or Eden, then reincarnation or recycling is not the worst that can happen when you reach the clearing at the end of the path.

Praise the Paradox !!!