Why Micro-Nations ?

Simply said, to break away from centralization, often referred to as ‘decentralization’. After a few decades of research, investigation and countless sabotaged attempts to expose the global agenda, one that clearly is not in the interest of the people, inhabitants of the earth slowly remember concepts, customs and courage of an almost forgotten past. Centralization has failed us and only favoured a few, the metropolitan areas or cities are corporate conglomerates of anonymity, often leading to some form of surrender, helplessness or herd mentality, rather than feeling empowered, responsible or engaged.

If centralization didn’t or doesn’t work, fusing, forcing or uniting everyone, then maybe breaking into smaller units (again) could prove a more suitable approach to accommodate all the people, tribes and customs on earth, similar to what the district of Germania consisted of during the time of the Holy Roman Empire, i.e. an illustrious assortment of kingdoms, duchies, principalities, etc. Probably not exactly living in peace all the time and obviously at a fundamentally different level of consciousness, but nevertheless subject to one imposed ruler or emperor, attempting early stages of centralization.

If all of humanity was to resonate complimentary frequencies rather than competitive, with only honourable and wise people sitting in management positions or councils, a unified one world could potentially become a reality rather than remaining utopia, but in the meantime, let us foster the thought of secession, land repatriation and how to go about it, attributed to and propelled by the law of necessity due to a permanent system failure in the world we see and experience today.

The idea of secession, starting another country or declaring an autonomous territory is not exactly new, but nowadays requires some in-depth knowledge with regards to the current situation and more so doing it for beneficial and honest reasons. While there are a good number of comical micro-nations, often no larger than someone’s flat, residential property or sailing yacht, which essentially is not wrong, since no law or statute prohibits any single man or woman to be(come) a tribe or clan unto him or herself. Many of these micro-nations are very quick to replicate the very system (of oppression) they are claiming to get away from, i.e. assume titles of royalty, write statutory fictitious charters or constitutions, create flags, design uniforms, seals and other regalia, to demonstrate their autarky, but at the same time driving a ‘motor vehicle’ registered with the corporate governments and using a slave tag ID or passports, issued to a legal person aka citizen of the parent state. For as long as we remain on the legal grid, attached to our persons, we are not a free people.


The times of kings and queens have long gone, on the surface at least, but we are well aware the royal clans and the black nobility still holding onto the reigns, although more hidden and covertly than centuries ago. It’s the 21th century and sovereignty no longer revolves around crowns, scepters and emperors in silky robes, no divine right to rule required or granted. It is about the sovereign self, how to grow into it, to act like a leader without being bossy and envision a leaderless society rather than submitting to political travesty.

What universal law or global council dictates the appointment of presidents, chancellors and prime ministers or to constitute a cabinet ? Who sets out these rules and conditions ? Why always a head down pyramid hierarchy ? Is there a place for a Jedi type council on earth ? Does a micro-nation request a ruler or government as we know it ?

The often referred to 1933 Montevideo Convention, only attended to and ratified by representatives of 16 countries of the Americas, tried to outline what determines or qualifies as a state (not a country or nation). In itself it was a rather poor attempt, although it confirmed one very important fact, to recognize a state as a person of international law, a legal and fictitious person, sometimes endowed with more rights than natural persons under its statutory law. One of many key moments when the quasi leaders of the world failed its people, sold out to corporate cartels and committing high treason. Putting THE STATE  before the people. Fortunately until today no global or international laws exist to prohibit or allow for new nations or countries to be established. If it were so, the agenda of global domination would probably be too obvious, even to the majority of the flock.

The words ‘country’ and ‘nation’ frequently get mixed up, the process on this website is a about liberating the land, currently held hostage by maritime, corporate and colonial powers and establish sovereign micro-nations, not small countries, in other words and predominantly, what we can do for the land, not what the land can do for us.

Unfortunately to this day only a few people outside the legal system comprehend and experienced the full and sinister extend of it and at the same time, accumulated enough knowledge to successfully engage it, not to beat it, since this is not a competition or about victory. It is the peaceful removal from a system that no longer or never served us as people. Although there is a probability for a well armed militia at some point in time, but for now ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’.

This is a crucial aspect in the life of your micro-nation and testimony of many nation’s failures, being confronted by or dragged into the courts and legal system. The very moment you hire an attorney, lawyer or advocate who is still part of a BAR association or law society, you have surrendered your sovereignty long before you can live by it. Same for seeking advice, help or recognition from the United Nations, Human Rights Commission or any other noble sounding institution claiming to assist unrecognized people or nations.

But why go as far as seceding or repatriate land from an existing country, potentially perceived as an act of war or high treason ? Wouldn’t it be easier and less confrontational moving to the countryside, flying under the radar, not attract too much attention and build an eco-village or intentional community ? Besides a disastrous track record regarding those type of ventures, be assured, legislation, corporate agents or jealous neighbours will find you and your village eventually; and when they do, the fight will be no less than defending your own nation or territory, as experienced by a small community in the Preseli mountains.

No government, municipality or legislation will approve or allow for new villages to be build, especially not if populated with people who display a sense of autonomy or independence, it is the last thing the controllers want, they are busy breaking down the few remaining farming strongholds and customary societies or tribes. They want everyone to gravitate towards the metropolitan areas, to be dependent, feeble and controllable.

Ideally a micro-nation should be a few hundred or thousand hectares, with its own water source, energy production and supply, feature a non-stagnant economy and means to defend the territory if need be, basically the minimum to display a sense of autarky and independence.

These new nations do not want to exclude themselves from the rest of society or worldly affairs, contrarily they would desire to affect neighbouring countries and communities, encouraging them to follow suit.

Another age of crusades lies ahead of us, not to conquer land and take prisoners, but to set it free and release them again. What greater adventure and purpose could there be ?