True Philanthropy for a new Nation


Are there any courageous, anti-establishment and brave philanthropists out there who could fathom the idea of secession, thus manifesting the vision of utopian villages serving as blueprints for just and equal societies ?

Or someone who wants to utilize the newly established crypto casino or other means to generate funds for a new nation ? Someone who had enough, knows about the NAME fraud, FIAT fiasco and BAR betrayal, someone as bold as Fela Kuti, wise as Osho and affluent like Bill Gates, someone with no ulterior motives, vested interests or other hidden agendas, someone ready for new frontiers, literally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We know that most people in these higher echelons of wealth have to report to certain entities, are well monitored and subject to threats involving their loved ones, should they step out of the line. But there is protection too, have no fear, and ways to channel funds into a new nation without sabotage.

For the pilot project in southern Africa we envision a land parcel of a few thousand hectares, populated with a maximum of 5000 people right through the demographic spectrum, which, if successful could serve as a much needed ‘nation’ building exercise in a currently heavily divided country, spewing with racism  and disrespect for one another, forever fueled and instigated by the masters inside the control rooms.

Certain locations have been earmarked in what is now referred to as Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal. Some of these have existing infrastructure and dwellings on them, i.e. farm inventory and/or small hamlets. Ideally once secession is successful or in process (could take up to 40 years or more see Principality of Hutt River) a completely new village will be built, based on natural town planning, sacred geometry and respecting the lay of the land of course. Possibly circular in layout, but more detail will emerge once engaging in the process. This is not going to be a hippie hideout or secluded sect in the woods, nor mediocre in any way. Think Venus Project, just smaller or micro, instead of converting multi-million metropolitan areas and cities into some form of utopia, rather start small and focused, but making use of the same principles, i.e. ancient knowledge, old customs and future technology. The idea is to manifest something magnificent and amazing that will attract and encourage others. For instance Hundertwasser type living quarters, some 3-4 level houses with grassy slopes, a suburb of hobbit homes, some tiny homes on wheels and shipping container conversions.

A central focus will be a sound temple in the shape of a pyramid, cube or sphere or combination thereof. This temple will be constructed according to ancient knowledge of sound and vibrations, since the world is sound and we are sound creators. Inside, on specific days, rites, rituals and music ceremonies like Heilung’s mesmerizing and hypnotic journey at Castlefest, will not only enchant the village, but dissolve the dark spells cast onto the earth, keeping us still in captivity.

The temple will serve as a focal and vocal point in the village, think Integratron, only maybe 4 or 5 storeys high. Equipped with new technology like Dan Winter’s Theraphi, Rife resonators, New Earth Nation’s Cutie-Pie and other cutting edge prototype apparatus, linked to a separate science lab or workshop constantly developing such technologies. Free energy devices will form part of the research, or early stages of plant electricity harvested from growing Spirulina algae. This workshop or academy could be a 3 storey rammed earth multi-purpose barn, with offices and kitchen space.

Another magnet or attraction is a Roman-Greek-Turkish bathhouse, with terraced water basins, cascading rivers, fountains, sauna, steam rooms, filled with plants and gardens, lots of stained glass, maybe similar to the Nautilus House or other buildings at Quetzalcoatl’s Nest, a place for people in the village to rest, bath or wash and equally inviting to visitors, whether for recreation or business, just like in ancient Greece or Rome.


Now we comprehend the challenges of modern day communities, their track record rather disastrous than encouraging, the ongoing and seemingly always escalating dynamics between us humans, divided and diversified as we are, but nevertheless constantly seeking and yearning for unity and collaboration.

Listen here why even the much acclaimed Anastasia communities face difficulties, in this particular case under the best and beneficial starting conditions :

Also people in the very recently created Crypto Community, who somehow believe to simply exit the real world and escape into cyberspace by inventing and releasing infinitely more blockchain applications, platforms, virtual currencies and exchanges, have now realized, we, the soulful people, carry a physical body, attached to the earth bound by gravity.

A lot has been written and said about communal living, studied psychologists, sociologists and academics filling volumes of books, spiritual advice offered by many sages, only yielding nominal success or perseverance when it comes to intentional communities, never mind micro-nations. The only successful models seem to be spiritual or religious communities and monasteries, usually affiliated with or stemming from a larger faith-based congregation, including their financial backing, predominantly driven by one strong and charismatic leader, who emanates a clear and distinct vision. People voluntarily join in because they strongly resonate with their perceived leader or master. Here we find disciples who would keep the kitchen clean without being asked to do so or pick up random rubbish on the pathways.

In our cross-cultural and multi-faceted mindset of modern day non-conformism, we often lack that sense of common denominator, the binding glue. Although we initially disclose to have similar interests, sharing a desire for getting out of the cities and the romantic idea of living on or of the land, claiming to practice spirituality, we are at a loss of implementing it. Looking only into the history of such attempts in the last 10 years, there is an equal number or close to a dozen failed communities or eco-villages in southern Africa alone. Mostly disgruntled, wealthy and privileged folks from the affluent suburbs, 4-5 families who had enough of the city life, wanting to run for the hills and greener pastures. Besides being totally unaware of the legal grid, merely changing location by a few hundred kilometres but still being subject to the same legislation, municipal by-laws and other corporate administration, the seekers often found themselves caught in the old trap again, fighting the same system or even abusing it, paying slave wages to day labourers erecting their meditation halls or yoga centers. Soon thereafter, the majority also painfully realized, that being far away from a large economy and potentially esoteric customers, bookings for yoga sessions, meditation classes and holistic massage did not suffice to maintain the running costs of their community. Closely followed by ensuing arguments of who brought in more capital and value into the community, fueled by financial stress when uncalculated overheads arise, thus establishing the invisible hierarchy of who should have to do more or less and other often bottled issues waiting for an explosion. In some cases, being almost forced into each other’s space and face, new relationships forged. Potentially leading to sexual or romantic encounters with someone else’s partner, subsequently followed by often tragic breakups, arduous legal procedures and the end of a dream before it even started.

In other cases, members of such communities, have to seek work in neighbouring or close by towns again, just to make enough money to maintain the small holding and family, thus having to participate in the old rat race once again. 4 or 5 families are not enough to populate a community, never mind a village. Everyone is literally in each other’s face, having to deal with people 24/7 who naturally might simply resonate on another band of frequencies, which, if addressed in a larger group of people, can be balanced or fine tuned. Don’t see or watch yourselves as a light being but rather listen to yourself as a sound being.

A good starting point are 100 units, where as one unit is either a family of four or a single wo/man, resulting in ca. 150-200 people. Before any of them even set a foot on the liberated and chosen land, this core group of pioneers will go through some extensive training in social skills, philosophy & psychology, conjugate field theory and therapy, sound and resonance experience, non-violent communication, etc. Such training, information and communication will be facilitated, inter alia, by invitees from the handful of communities around the globe, who not only stood the test of time and survived for more than a few decades, but also managed to thrive.

In particular, but not in specific order :

Twin Oaks (USA)
Findhorn (Scotland)
Damanhur (Italy)
Sættedammen (Co-Housing Denmark)
Venwoude (Holland)
Tamera (Portugal)
Pachamama (Costa Rica)
Auroville (India)
Ashram (Osho)
Anastasia Communities (Russia)
Amish People
Kibbutz (Israel)
O.U.R. Eco-Village (Canada)
Brithdir Mawr (Wales)
Elders from local tribes

Each of the above communities will be asked to send one of their people for a two week period, maybe from 2 of the above groups at the same time, resulting in ca. 2 months exchange, extracting the best of all of them, learning and understanding how they managed to keep their vision alive, mastered conflict resolution and decision making, as well as the countless other things and issues arising in any community.

A major breaking point very often seems to be the money, funds or finance. If we are in this together, leaving the sick cities to live a better life until we reach the clearing at the end of the path, meaning this is not some kind of “let’s try it out and see what happens” attempt, but plain survival with no option to return to metropolis, then we need to leave the internal accounting behind. Forget about who contributed, donated or brought more FIAT digits into the village to get it started, it is not of any importance for our future.

Hence everything would be a lot easier if there was one single philanthropist, ready to part with however much is needed to create the above vision. It would eliminate most financial squabble. If funds flow into the kitty from various people or sources, the following ritual could maybe assist. Either all funds are electronically and anonymously transferred into an account or physically placed into a circle. The collected sum total gets equally divided and shared to all people present. Now everyone holds an equal share and will be asked to return it back into the circle. Ceremonies like this could be repeated throughout the year at certain times when a specific number of new members have joined the village.

If it’s not good for one, it’s not good at all.