Common, Customary, Tribal and Natural Law


The internet is flooded with pages and blogs explaining or dissecting the various laws, their origin and application. Above all there is only one law or universal codex “ do no harm “, everything else is man-made drivel or convolution of the mind. We all strive for or desire harmony on one level or another, except for a handful of psychopaths, unfortunately most of them in positions running this world. Everyone prefers to be stroked on their back rather than jabbed with a knife or hug someone rather than hitting them. This is effectively natural law, do unto others as you would have them do unto you or whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to anyone else.

Unfortunately the human mind is a strong, regimented and conditioned place, since the days of Rome or long before, man constantly tried to capture the word. Scribes, scholars, tablets and ancient text are testimony thereof. All the way into today’s world, Roman-Dutch law or variations thereof, also known as statutory, civil, maritime, cannon or admiralty law, prevails in many corporate jurisdictions around the globe. In an attempt to subdue 3D organic and ever-changing life, pinning and penning it down onto 2 dimensional paper, fictional, statutory and static or in other words, attempting to write down every possibility, probability and improbability of what could or could not happen in everyone’s life. Furnishing 1000’s of acts, by-laws, codes, books and libraries, often accompanied by even greater volumes of comments, interpretations or regulations. Apparently, or so we are informed by the legal slaves, to avoid lengthy jury trials, too much oral testimony or anyone’s private opinion entering a court room, since every violation or infringement has its punitive measure assigned to it, cutting time, streamlining the process, making more money for the corporation. Call in the defendant, draw the relevant act (or any previous case that was slightly similar aka case law), look up the section pertaining to his/her alleged or committed crime and serve punishment.

If law is an application, relevant to and affecting everyone’s life, shouldn’t it be the most comprehensible, affordable and accessible application in any society ? Right now, like so many other things, it is the complete opposite, law is the most incomprehensible (legalese, latin, law degrees), unaffordable (we all know the price tag of entry level lawyers) and inaccessible (some people have to travel 2 days to court, for yet another postponement, spending half their weekly wages), it’s a travesty. Especially throughout the last 5 centuries, depriving the people of the decision and justice making processes, explicitly reserving it for a well studied elite, turning it into some ritualistic cult, not coincidentally stemming from the Inner Temple at the City of London. Hence the term ‘devilling’ when a trainee or junior barristers is assisting a senior colleague as part of his/her apprenticeship.

The work of judicial or common law activists seeks to reverse and reform this devious and deceitful stronghold on society. A return to community courts, oral tradition and sometimes forgotten customs. Empowering every member of a nation to speak for him or herself, simplify the process, seek remedy not retaliation, even in the worst of crimes, constitute peace committees and populate juries with rotating duty. A law common to all, revisiting the literal meaning of jurisdiction, i.e. iuris (latin for law, the ‘i’ often translates into a ‘j’) and dicere (latin for speak), or “speak the law”.

More alarmingly, the corporate states and their many mindless minions are attempting to eradicate anything customary, luring tribal people into citizenship, making false promises and offering useless benefits. All in the name of safety, preservation and centralization, effectively to control and regulate any tribal people, before they regain control of and over themselves, thus rendering governments redundant.

See below a list of people and initiatives who are tirelessly working, some for decades already, to expose the private BAR associations, its corporate judges and the reserve bank syndicates.

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