Land cannot be owned


This is the basis and essence of modern micro-nationalism, to change our relation to and relationship with land, or, before we ask ourselves what the land can do for us, we need to consider what we can do for the land. In other words, liberate any land currently held in bondage by way of title, deed and/or registration or any legal instruments assigned to it as part of a corporate government system. This includes the torrens system, fee simple, allodial title, leasehold estate, land patent or usufruct. Only when the land is free can the people be free. The legal chains are those most difficult to break, due to a court system that is entirely polarized, biased and owned by the global controllers.

For many people of a modern mindset this is very difficult to comprehend, because the concept of ownership is funneled into us since the days of early childhood, then consolidated and indoctrinated as part of the education system. Accumulate and hoard, however much or little, usually at the expense of others, the pinnacle of which is home ownership, then you have made it and can bolster your pride. Although only very few people actually build their own house, most employ fancy architects, cheap labour or simply buy a pile of bricks build by someone else, nothing really to be proud of.

Here is some very enlightening information on land ‘ownership’ :

Land cannot be owned, never did, never will, although some lay claim to it, big chunks, selling it in small/medium/big portions to others including a piece of paper called a title deed. Speak to any tribal, native, original people, no-one owns land, it cannot be owned, bought or sold, it owns you. At best we can be a custodians of a section for some time, if you have honest intentions at heart and live in accordance with the laws of nature. Think of the land parcel your house is placed upon, how much substance do own ? how deep ? 10 inches ? 20 meters ? half way to the core of the earth ? all the way ? Which is tricky with a sphere like our planet since surface & volume decreases with diameter, unless people’s property would be peg shaped from the surface all the way to the centre of the earth… In the rocky mountains where farm ‘owners’ refused fracking companies access to their farms, farmers who naturally believe they own the land, the USA Inc. government blatantly and wrongfully informed them they only own about a few inches deep, anything below is property of the USA Inc.; subsequently they were told to either consent (that word again) or move, sell or be removed… You only own what you create, now who created the land ? (this is not a creationist vs. evolutionist debate) or : you cannot take what is already there, say you walk through the forest, there is a wooden sculpture on a plinth, no idea who made, would you take it ? would you sell it, with a title or piece of paper ? we are back at common law, common sense, the law of the land…

You can take a house away, even a skyscraper including its foundation, but you cannot take land away. In that sense there is no such thing as immovable property, everything can be move or removed, except the land.

Part of the trickery here is also, that the actual property is not the physical land, but the title deed, a two dimensional piece of paper with fictitious FIAT value allocated to it, lacking the 3rd dimension, depth, giving it any volume, just like the surface of ‘your’ land or the land you were allegedly sold… this, the title deed (with other papers) is traded, not the land itself (since that would be rather complicated/impossible); for many people, the title deed or ownership thereof (although no original exists in many case, due to the criminal involvement and complicity of deeds or registrar offices), is of fundamental importance, they think it secures rights or proof of ownership, when it is merely a paid privilege (remember, citizens or members of the public have no rights, they have been ‘exchanged’, by tacit consent or acquiescence, for privileges), nothing but overpriced rental. If it was your land or property, why would you pay property tax every month to the state ? Unlike cars that drive around on public roads which require maintenance (according to mainstream public opinion, the true story here is also very different) and arguably use such highways, a land parcel, once purchased by a private people, is no burden to the state. Other services, municipal or county, like electricity, water, waste removal, set aside of course, should you be using them.

If you live in a house, would you rather have it on a piece of land or a piece of paper ? yes, you can sell your house, mortar and bricks of a certain value, but not its location…

The corporate government or the previous title holder sold you something, with  a little ‘help’ from the bank, by facilitating an entirely fraudulent ‘loan’, you cannot own, nor did they at any time…

Reading & comprehending the above, how do you feel about ‘property’ tax now ? In fact, the government, if assuming any management duties here, should pay the people for being a good custodian.


To further highlight the global scheme of things, here an excerpt from the civil servants’ year book 1934 :