Large Scale Secession


Secession or the act of separation, thus essentially declaring another country won’t be taken lightly, especially when it involves a prosperous and fertile territory larger than a few thousand hectares. It often is achieved by means of civil war, bloodshed or some form of coup d’etat. In recent years witnessed in South Sudan and Kosovo. Most, if not all other large scale secession attempts, like Scotland, Catalonia, Western Cape (South Africa) or even BREXIT, are always politically motivated and rarely serve the will of the people. These are well controlled manoeuvres, not hatched by some small rebel force at the local pub, but rather by the ruling elite and their lobbyists; although they purport to achieve independence, promising a better life for all, they are in fact, knowingly or unknowingly serving the same master. Often trendy keywords like ‘sovereignty’, ‘autarky’, ‘natural law’ or ‘self-governance’ are thrown into the mix to excel the excitement of the target audience.

The other problem with simply declaring a few million square miles a sovereign territory is that not everyone might agree to it, some of these proposed areas being home to more than a few million people. Even if a vote would yield a 90/10 result in favour for secession in a  metropolitan area of 3 million people, it means 300.000 are not agreeing to it. What is the majority going to do with the minority ? Extradite them ? Forceful removal ? Execution at the town plaza ? Purchase new homes or farms for them outside the seceded area ?

The dynamics will be the same even in the smallest hamlet or village, that is why ideas like nominating a small transition town won’t work either, there will always be people in place who don’t want to change or be changed for various reasons. So-called transition towns, without territorial secession, will obviously always be subject to state, local or municipal regulations and legislation, again no change or transition here, only some feel good vibes for the slaves to the statutory rhythm.

Most referendums or general elections these days are close 50/50 contests, only bearing testimony how ‘divide and rule’ still succeeds within a pseudo liberal and democratic mindset. We hear some people say that 51% qualifies for a majority, meaning 51% rule 49%, which is nothing but mob rule, but unfortunately this is what most educated and even academic people perceive as democracy. The 1960 South African referendum, whether South Africa would be an independent republic or remain a crown dependency of the commonwealth, is a perfect example, apparently the results were 50.15% to 49.85% in favour of a republic, although only for publicity purpose and deception, since the actual owners of South Africa and RSA (Pty) ltd remain the same since the days of the VOC and royal houses of Europe.

In recent years we have also witnessed various failed or botched up attempts by so-called tribal authorities to secede large tracts of land from the mother corporation. Many of them have forgotten the face of their fathers, failing to observe that land cannot be owned, nor claimed, thus only following instructions of governments seeking to regulate them. In one sad attempt a self-proclaimed king, his heritage disputed by many and not in accordance with natural law, but rather adhering to RSA statutes and UN charters, fell victim to some foreign nationalists, who needed a previously under-privileged facade serving their ulterior motives.

Only a few have yet discovered the difference between ‘people’ and ‘citizens’, revealed the secrets of the BAR associations and banking cartels, unveiled the fictitious nature of the LEGAL NAME, the entrapment through unlawfully and unwittingly contracting with THE STATE and its agencies, further blindly accepting their documents, benefits and orders. Before running off, wanting to start new countries, you need to know what was wrong with the old one, but racial and cultural prejudice often cast a shadow, blinding people, inhibiting them from discovering the actual truth. Learn to stand on your own legs and conduct yourself, unless you want your newly established nation to be just another nanny or welfare state, where thinking and decision making is for those elected into office.

Often tribal authorities are told to register and lodge a claim for certain lands, thus unknowingly subjecting themselves to the corporate state and its regulations again. Because people don’t know any better or other, they comply, blindly, by way of  acquiescence or under threat or coercion. The corporate governments are very aware of native people rediscovering their freedom and strength, thus trying their best to eradicate everything customary, all oral tradition or anything not yet legislated.

Even though large scale secession is no success for the people and won’t bring the government home or closer to your doorstep, it could potentially shake up the geopolitical landscape to some extent, especially in case of the USA breaking apart into 50 separate sovereign states again, which is something that won’t happen in a hundred years or more, not peacefully or with the consent from Washington. People like Matthew McKinley found ways to weave these real ideas into fictional stories or books like ‘Texas Shrugged‘, planting important seeds of liberation into the flock’s hive minded brains.