CaCoHoHu – Mission, Initiation & Participation


The Mission of our congregation is to simplify the look on and perception of our existence here on earth, a temporary abode, a way station, prison planet or playground. An often brutal and hostile, but strangely beautiful and amusing place in the galaxy.

Gravity is not only a bitch but an unforgiving warden, the pain and suffering are real. Karma, trauma, accumulated emotional baggage, whatever the term, we all need to heal one thing or another, accepting or in denial, but we don’t have to do it alone. The very idea of a church is community, people of a similar world view and belief coming together to share an experience, thereby amplifying their frequencies, able to achieve what previously seemed impossible. It is a community that comes together for a certain and specific time, but thereafter returns to their respective homes, attributing to the success of many churches compared to numerous failed attempts of eco-villages or intentional communities. You share a lot of time with one another but you don’t live together.

Since the dawn of hallucinogenics, the research into ergot and observations of many (ancient) tribes’ customs involving psychotropic concoctions, it quickly became evident that the ritual and therapeutic application of such mind and consciousness altering ‘prescriptions’ had a beneficial effect on people’s well-being.

In recent years, plant medicine like san pedro, ayahuasca, iboga, psilocybin mushrooms, kambo or bufo are frequently used to treat people’s ailments, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, unblocking inhibitions, clearing a path or shedding some residual trauma, thus enhancing or nourishing our mortal experience.

The San Pedro cactus is the more gentle panacea among the powerful plant medicines, it quietens the mind with increased awareness, thus very suitable for longer ceremonies involving movement and dance, which forms an essential part of the Cactus Congregation of the Holy Huachuma. Here we cultivate the cacti, brew the cactus juice and connect with the holy spirit of Saint Pedro to visit the pachanoi kingdom.

Frequently hosted ritualistic dance ceremonies take place over a weekend and involve a 24 hour continuous dance through the night, starting Saturday noon, ending Sunday noon. Everyone who completes the ritual will be ordained a Pachanoi Priest or Priestess at the following ceremony, as well as receive a green kaftan and take their place amidst the dancers of our destiny.

Although all ordained priests and priestesses are oath keepers for a lifetime, every 12 years they become active members of the cacti council when correlating with their eastern zodiac and lunar year. This means the council  will never be stagnant, everyone will be involved in decision making and conflict resolution. It’s a matter of frequency too, resonating with your birth chart, being more in tune. At the end of a lunar year, the current priesthood will abdicate and make space for the new cacti council.



The primary aim is to penetrate the fabric of reality, open and enter pachanoi portals to obtain ancient knowledge and tools, then infiltrate the matrix of co-opted control, to finally dismantle the sinister sorcery and malevolent magic currently manipulating mankind.

Since we just declared the Cactus Congregation of the Holy Huachuma on 21st June 2020 and the initial and inaugural ceremony on 18th April 2020 only attended by 3 devoted disciples due to the globally staged ‘covidian dream’ (or nightmare), many things are still being discussed or proposed. It’s fluid, just like reality, things will change and never be the same…

Like many other faith based organisations, CaCoHoHu will offer a range of activities and affiliate with groups and congregations of similar interests. There will quiet prayers and meditations, musicians playing world and sacred sounds, at the temple or the canyon, field trips to meet with other cacti alchemists, workshops around plant medicine and the cacti kingdom as well as how to navigate the coming years with a plethora of possible scenarios.



Very important to us, is the regeneration of various medicinal plants, for we need to replenish and preserve what we harvest and consume. Already a known network of pedro ethnobotanists exists, many working in private, cultivating, grafting and  keeping the species and spirit alive. Others being  custodians of large and old cacti colonies.

We do have access to an amazingly magical location for regular ceremonies, the cactus canyon in the Tankwa Karoo, the same location could also become home for a future place of worship, the Infinitemple, a figure ∞ shaped structure with a build-in octophonic sound system. 3D virtual plans will be uploaded here soon, nevertheless it’s time to reach out and look for people who could (financially) support and/or get involved. Let’s populate the pachanoi parish. We are looking for the following :

  • plant medicine people, not only of psychotropic nature, but all powerful herbs, think artemisia, sutherlandia, sceletium, etc
  • graphic & web designers
  • seamstress, dressmakers and/or tailors
  • builders and artisans
  • philanthropists and funders

The future is green, cactus green !!!

Intrigued ? Would you like to join us, keep in touch and find out about future activities ?
Then record yourself to our mailing list as virtual members before being ordained into priesthood :

For direct connection to source or immediate input, contact :   [email protected]