International Charters, Foreign Acts & other Documents


Find below an assortment of documents that could come in handy at times or provide some useful information as part of your journey towards micro-nationalism. Obviously be mindful, most are written to apply and appeal to citizens, not people, drafted by clever legislators or other legalese wordsmiths, cunning, calculating and convincing, filled with spells and linguistic charm. Use for reference purpose and to expose the system of modern slavery, never call upon or insist on anything stated within any UN charter, any corporate constitution or any acts of parliament or government, but familiarize yourself with their methods and weapons.


Charter of Liberties of King Henry I (1100 A.D.)

Magna Carta (1215)


Magna Carta (1297)

Habeas Corpus Act (1679)

Bill of Rights (1689)

Second Treatise of Government (John Locke 1689)

Two Treatises of Government (John Locke)

Bills of Exchange Act 1882

The Uncodified Constitution (UK)

USA Constitution

Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917

The Freedom Charter (RSA)

British Nationality Act 1981

Warren E. Burger and the Administration of Justice (1981)

The Law of Peoples – Critical Inquiry 20, No. 1 (Autumn 1993)

NATO Treaty (2009)


United Nations – Charter

United Nations – Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (Covenant)

The Law of Peoples with The Idea of Public Reason Revisited (John Rawls)

Customary International Law – a Reconceptualization (Roozbeh B. Baker)

Customary International Law in the 21st Century (Andrew T. Guzman & Timothy L. Meyer)

DIY Sovereignty and the popular Right (Judy Lattas)

A Theory of Justice – Revised Edition (John Rawls)

Clearfield Doctrine (citizens action networks)

Customary International Humanitarian Law (Jean-Marie Henckaerts and Louise Doswald-Beck)

Customary International Law – Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Tullio Treves)

Customary International Law in the 21st Century – Old Challenges and New Debates (Roozbeh B. Baker)

International Law (Malcon N. Shaw)

Introduction to International Law (Robert Beckman and Dagmar Butte)

Secession in post-modern World – cases of South Sudan and Somaliland

The Right to a Nationality and the Secession of South Sudan (OSIEA, 2012)

International law and the self-determination of South Sudan (Institute for Security Studies, 2012)

A Treatise of Tenures in two Parts (Lord Chief Baron Gilbert)

The Law of Uses and Trusts (Sir Goeffrey Gilbert)