Words, terms and expressions (to use or not to use)


Words have power, be impeccable with your speech, you are what you speak. There are many words and entire dictionaries dedicated to word magic or spells, in particular the law dictionaries of legalese. Without going into all the detail here now, it is just noteworthy to observe many new initiatives, seemingly well meaning, who are still trapped by using terms and language of the matrix, i.e. citizen, person, driving, residence, constitution, state, etc.


  • Citizen is not something or someone you can be, you have a citizen, in fact you don’t have or own it either,  it is allocated to you courtesy of the corporate governments who create it shortly after your human birth upon registration. It is a legal entity, the token to place on the board game, its  name looks like yours but is in ALL CAPITAL and the trickery is that you wrongfully but deliberately keep identifying with it. This is what the controllers want, for you to accept your slave tag voluntarily.
  • People (singular), a man or woman, of flesh, blood and soul, spirit having a human experience.
  • Person or Persona, Latin ‘Mask’, the facade or fake, not you, a fiction. There have been many interpretations of the word ‘person’, just as there are equally numerous different persons, i.e. natural person, legal person, human person, corporate person, etc. Try to avoid the word altogether, due to all the confusing accounts, it’s a great exercise to replace ‘person’ with man or woman or people. Use private instead of personal too. In general learn about the public and the private, two worlds living in the same place, but often they get muddled up.
  • Human or hue of man, colour of man, just like under the colour of law, meaning not law.
  • Country is a fenced off district or territory, geographically defined, controlled by a military force.
  • Nation is a nation of people, not necessarily herded in by fences, although often confined to a certain area due to natural boundaries.
  • State is a legal concept that only exists on paper and in the mind of people who act like citizens. If all citizens would rescind citizenship, thus leaving the state, it would be empty and cease to exist. The only state you could possibly live inside is a state of mind.
  • Republic is yet another fictitious concept, although more aligned with the real public aka the people or a commonwealth in its original meaning “a common wealth for all”.
  • Democracy is nothing but mob rule, where 51% rule 49%, it is the ideal divide and conquer tool, so much that law or statute abiding citizens believe in or talk about nothing else anymore.
  • Constitution is a legal framework, it is dead by its very non-nature. Although most constitutions sound great and appeal to common sense, they were usually drafted by educated or academic men, who often were part of the legal profession or BAR associations, at times when the majority of people or subjects to the constitution could not read or write, nor had any intention to ever understand or stand under its contents. In recent years, especially newly penned constitutions are nothing but corporate charters, serving as an alibi, dangling carrot or excuse, making people believe in some form of word magic and fake protection. Best example here the much praised and often as progressively heralded South African constitution, which is nothing but one of ca. 12000 acts of parliament (act 108 of 1996).
  • Constitutor in civil law. He who promised by a simple pact to pay the debt of another; and this is always a principal obligation.
  • Register, from ‘REGIS’ or King, anything registered is transferred to the king, the state or registering authority, i.e. house, car, children, business, intellectual property, patents, company, political party, NPO or NGO.
  • Record, to make or create a record of your private property, informing the public about your ownership.
  • Statute (from Black’s Law 4th edition) : “this word is used to designate the written law in contradistinction to the unwritten law”
  • Legal is the undoing of God’s law and has got nothing to do with lawful. Legal pertains to acts (of parliament), its fictitious statutory foreign jurisdiction, to control its subjects aka citizens, persons and/or residents. It is codified, written in Dog Latin, to obfuscate and entrap its subjects, it is owned and administered by the BAR whores (of Babylon), i.e. attorneys, advocates, solicitors, barristers, commissioners, magistrates, judges.

  • Lawful pertains to law, i.e. common, customary, tribal, natural or God’s law, often oral tradition, it is organic, simple and in plain language, comprehensible, accessible and affordable to everyone (equal before the law), the decree of the sovereign (people) makes the law, at tribunals, assemblies, juries or forums.

  • Buying or purchase land, since we have established that land cannot be bought or owned, rather use the term ” paying out the existing farmer or title holder “, which is more of a mouthful, but clearly states your intention. When looking for land parcels and potentially suitable territory, this is all we do, free the land, if the current title holder wants to participate and make the land available for repatriation, he or she needs to be informed in depth, especially about nullifying any monetary value associated with the land. The farm on the other side does hold a material value, buildings, infrastructure and equipment, possibly live stock, although that would be debatable in a vegan society or nation.
  • First Nation or First People, a term recently circulating on various forums, explicitly indicating the chronological order or hierarchy of peoples’ existence in a particular area. While we all agree, that all land, custodianship thereof, hunting grounds or native territories, have been unlawfully annexed and invaded by foreign forces, often decimating or enslaving any original people, we need to remind ourselves that the world has grown bigger and smaller at the same time. The expansion of new realms often in conflict with the preservation of old cultures and its customs. When people claim ‘first people’ status, does it imply, simply because they were apparently first on the ground, that all land is under their custodianship for time immemorial and in perpetuity ? First come, first serve rules and everyone else must return to wherever they came from. How much land does a people need to thrive ? Obviously we are aware that large tracts of land now under corporate and federal administration, or so they claim, which is only the continuity of the old colonial empires. The aim of this website is for every tribe, group or people to coexist, flourish on the land, fertile and large enough to host a micro economy. Something like minority rule in a very different sense.
  • Driving is a commercial activity for citizens aka employees of the state, it requires a permit or licence.
  • Travelling is what people do to get from A to B, in their private capacity and does not require a licence.
  • Vehicle, a registered entity or entry with the state, on paper, with a title.
  • Conveyance, a car or carriage, privately recorded and used for travel.
  • Sovereignty, another very trendy word, not referring to a ruler, emperor or monarch, but much rather to your sovereign self, capable to exist outside any state and responsible enough to conduct your own affairs.
  • Autarky, a nation which no longer depends on any state, or the state of independence, able to sustain oneself.
  • Indigenous, originally not necessarily a negative word, but the UN hijacked it, probably due to its close phonetic root to ‘indigent’ aka poor and needy.
  • Native, close to nature, naturally occurring.
  • Aboriginal, not original, the native people down under should be referred to as Origines.

Amnesty International, yet another subsidiary of the United Nations, and part of the globalist agenda, is a perfect example, trying to sound politically or ethnically correct,  informing the public to refrain from using Aborigines and turning the native people into indigenous persons or even indigenous Australians in this article.