Republic of Good Hope (RGH)


The Republic of Good Hope is a common law society, a nation of people, non-territorial, established in 2010 by declaration to provide an alternative to corporate governments and the fraudulent FIAT central banking system, which as of 2018 controls the money supply and financial affairs of more than 190 countries and their respective governments.

RGH is a group of people, non-legislated, not registered or codified in any way. There are other descriptions like voluntary association, informal body, common or customary law society, independent sovereign neutral nation or simply tribe.

Is is a perfect tool to leave any corporate country with a government gone rogue due to its control by international bankers. It is the path of the peaceful activist rather than the angry anarchist (using the MSM description of anarchy here), although clearly not the path of least resistance, since none of the corporate colonies will allow their chattel to leave the animal farm voluntarily, or without threats and intimidation.

But we are not alone, there are now many peoples who seek to embark on this great adventure, rediscovering and exploring the earth again. Seek and you shall find. Also see some links in the affiliates section.