The greater smaller Vision


Let’s take South Africa for example, with its ca. 50 million people and an estimated 35.000 commercial farms, larger than a 100ha. There is obviously a lot more arable and tribal land potentially available to anyone who wants to live according to the laws of nature, but let’s stick to what already is subject to predominantly conventional and commercial farming, let the focus be on rehabilitation and reforestation, rather than exploitation. If we were to divide 50 million into 5000 strong customary tribes or nations, the outcome would be 10.000 micro-nations with enough acreage for everyone to have plenty of space and food. Potentially also 10.000 different sets of customs, or, in other words, a long list to choose from and surely something for everyone’s taste.

This could open the floor to confederations, conglomerates and co-ops consisting of a few hundred nations, forming councils of exchange and the furtherance of relations. These councils obviously are only voluntary and have no executive powers, simply akin to a network of nations, helping to solve each other’s problems, always complimentary, not competitive.

Imagine if all these previously large scale farms now micro-nations have their own water and power supply, are able to feed their nation’s people based on latest and most efficient perma-culture and other organic farming methods, produce their own fuel to run old machinery in the early transition phase, empowering everyone on equal levels, learning from each other’s expertise, customs and traditions. Mines, especially for gold, diamonds and platinum, could be closed down until humanity rediscovers its original purpose or application, other than the small nominal amounts possibly still needed for some industrial apparatus. Coal power stations and the extraction of the same could be decommissioned, as well as many other corporate ventures, currently exploiting, directly and indirectly, all humans on earth.

Slowly but surely it would be the complete breakdown of anything national or central, i.e. politics, corporations, banks, transmuting some of those institution or simply leaving them behind, to be overgrown with grass and trees. A total return to localized tribalism, just with a modern mindset, but cherishing values of the old, probably how the ca. 560 native tribes of America would live today, if it wasn’t for the VOC, crown corporation and black nobility of Europe.

This vision might come across as very idealistic and utopian, but what other option do we have, other than bow down and accept our destiny as global citizens under a totalitarian control mechanism ?

The same way everything was done or build, it can be undone and dismantled, whether legally, physically or emotionally. All it takes is that critical mass of conscious non-conformist, state denialists and real-time activists, creating new nations and starving the corporate matrix of all its nutrition, similar to killing a parasite or cancer.

Or ask yourself, what would be more fun and fair, a motley mix of colourful tribes and nations, coexisting, living on the land or a contrived homogenous flock of citizens, subject to liberal statists’ policies, far removed from or off any land ?

There never was a better time to break the rudder of the admiralty ship and saddle your horses, for the ship is old and the stallions strong…