Land Repatriation


Since land cannot be owned, bought or sold and currently is held in bondage the world over, unlawfully annexed or claimed by fictitious corporate governments, which in return are slaves to the global banking cartels, we as a people have got the responsibility to liberate the land and ourselves. Therefore we need to change our relation and relationship towards and with the land of the earth, a difficult step for the conditioned and indoctrinated mind of the western school, where ownership, of however much or little, is of great importance, the pinnacle being or becoming a homeowner, which often is associated with land ownership too.

The process of land repatriation assists and facilitates the reversal to original condition by returning the lawful custodians, the people, back to the land; as the originees of the outback hold the belief, that the land owns its people and not the other way round. Some native elders rightfully still laugh at or about white man when he talks about selling or buying land.

Another beautiful aspect or approach for land repatriation in heavily colonized areas or districts is for current title deed holders to collaborate with tribal authorities, native, original or first people, when approaching the cancellation of land registration. This way, wounds of the past will truly start to heal, everyone and all people will be acknowledged and recognized, but no-one will claim or own any land.

Or, your enemy’s enemy, is your friend, team up with native and tribal peoples, exchange customs and knowledge about how the governments are trying to enslave everyone, by turning them into citizens aka ‘ward of state’. In the process, set up a common law trust, non-codified or registered, if necessary establish your own county recorder, perhaps negotiate a favourable lease agreement, i.e. 99 years (a custom still in place in many parts of the world) and place such lease, inter alia, into the trust.

In some countries, like South Africa, there is currently talk and fear of forced land expropriation (without compensation), a brilliant move by the controllers of the corporate districts to further divide the people. Especially in light of such a situation or before any government resorts to similar measures, the process of land repatriation is akin to peacefully jumping the gun, i.e. instead of government forcefully expropriating and redistributing land under their control and jurisdiction, you or any current farm owners could simply repatriate the land, out of government control, but showcasing them how to return as equal custodians, sharing the proceeds and honouring the land. Who or which government would want to expropriate a multi-cultural farm growing organic food for its people, unless authorized and instructed by their masters…

Many people keep are asking, how can we possibly do this or how could it be done, now that the world is cut up into square pieces and registered ? Just in the same way is was registered bit by bit, land parcel by land parcel, it can be de-registered and taken out of corporate bondage, even if it takes another 300 years to do so. Unfortunately a problem often encountered is, that even though many esoterically and spiritually inclined people, who speak of the earth as a sentient being, mother or gaia, still cling to concepts of ownership and sectional titles when it comes to land, wanting to secure their own piece of this planetary body. Some also tend to believe or fear that once the land repatriation is complete, the land will be a free for all and anyone could come and kick you out of your house or off your far.

Here your nation or community needs to stand strong, have alliances rather than conflict with neighbours and/or tribal authorities, whether you lawfully record custodianship or hold titles, rights or other documents in hand, nothing is ever guaranteed, proof that a title deed is far from ownership or a real right, but merely a corporate rental agreement with those acting as governments. When the land is free of bond, bondage or titles (allodial, fee simple or deed), natural, common and/or customary law still prevails. We will only be lawful custodians if we live in accordance with the laws of nature, put the land to use to serve our communities and cause no harm to others or the environment, bearing in mind that we are in a transition phase, ergo limiting any harm to begin with.


Mountain View, Kokstad