The Declaration (21st June 2020)



The June solstice 2020 marked the day we declared a new religion to honour and praise the cacti kingdom, having blessed the cactus canyon with dance and music the day before, we gathered on the 21st June 2020, after receiving medicine, in front of a natural altar overlooking the canyon. The very site bones and ashes are buried in the ground, evidence of previous civilizations and people congregating here a long time ago.



Our Congregation constituted of eleven soulful spirits, present in the moment, of soundful mind, capable of making their own decisions and brave enough to declare their truth to the world. We thank you, Saint Pedro, with gratitude and respect. We received your blessings and shall become the messenger of your medicine.

Praise the Cacti Kingdom, may your seed bear many children in the future…



What levels of synchronicity, here we are in the south african desert, declaring “the Cactus Congregation of the Holy Huachuma” on 21st June 2020 and at the same time, unbeknownst, the most out of space band on colony earth, released a sonic solstice single, just days after Byron Metcalf’s “Calling Huachuma’s Medicine Spirit”… Praise the Paradox, the world is sound and we are sound creators !!!