ElectroNative ☼ d[-_-]b ☼ Dance Ceremony


The ElectroNative dance ceremony is a 24 hour continuous ritual merging ethereal techno beats  with an array of live musical instruments. Set inside the cactus canyon, surrounded by limestone formations and what can best be described a modern mini Acropolis, Huachuma’s and complimentary plant medicines are offered to invite the spirit of Saint Pedro to awaken the dancers of our destiny. The rhythm is the rite to passage, as ancient as the beat of the earth, humans sought connections to other worlds through dance and movement. This is not something that can be taught or displayed in any form of workshop, it is like learning to play the drum, no-one can teach you until you find your rhythm.



Although a collective effort of 111 dancers, at the same time, each and everyone is on their own journey. Most important is the endurance through repetitive and sometimes monotonous beats, a sacrifice and pilgrimage, elevating the dancer onto the threshold of the hypnotic and ecstatic. Behold, this is not a performance by artists or a chit chat outdoor party gathering, everyone participating becomes a conduit of the ethereal, to call upon and connect with the medicine spirit of Huachuma.



This is only the beginning, something we have not done before, and although we have a vision and desired outcome, there are no expectations, protocols or guidelines at the moment, and hopefully not required in the future. We will approach with caution, when trying to penetrate the corrupted reality matrix, seeking to undo or neutralize its malignant script running for millennia. It is indeed a great time in history, some say we were born for the very purpose aka system busters or agents of peace. From what we can gather, many other groups around the world are tackling the same entities and their cartels who seemingly hijacked our existence for as long as we can remember. Let the Cactus Congregation of the Holy Huachuma and ElectroNative be one effective renegade to assist in this endeavour.



Some of us have tried fighting and beating the system, with limited or no success, then embarked on journeys of peaceful removal from it, with nominal success. Many networks have exhausted themselves within the confines of legislation or constitutions, seeking remedy within the legal system, focussing on a physical reality full of obstacles. Without going to much into detail here, much information can be found on this domain if interested, but let us recall an often recited but also disputed quote from the Encyclopædia Britannica 1893 R.S. Peale 9th Edition, which defines :

” legal, the undoing of god’s law “

We are planning to facilitate two or three ElectroNative dance ceremonies per year, on or around the solstices and equinoxes of the solar cycle. If the concept and ideology is well received, nothing stops us from delivering the seed to other parts of the world, to grow into many sovereign pods of micro-nation congregations.